Transportation service

A comprehensive logistics service chain saves time, reduces costs, and limits risks.

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Table of content

  • 1. Transporting dry, cool, and frozen cargo from the North to the South 
  • 2. Transporting import and export containers
  • 3. Delivery of goods in big cities
  • 4. Other services

Konoike Vina provides all services regarding transportation, including:

1. Transporting dry, cool, and frozen cargo from the North to the South 

- Collecting and transporting, delivering goods to the provinces from the North to the South and vice versa according to a fixed schedule.
- Types of goods transported: fresh food, frozen food, consumer goods and others.
- Shipping temperature: normal temperature, from 2~5°C to 20°C.

(Customers can come to deliver goods at the above 3 locations or request door-to-door delivery service.)
* In addition, Konoike Vina delivers cargo from the North to the South according to customers' specific needs.

Contact us to use this services:
Phone: 0912.749.433

2. Transporting import and export containers

- Exported cargo: receive empty containers from the yard to the customer's factory/warehouse for packing, and deliver the container to the required port.
- Imported cargo: follow procedures, receive container goods at the port, and deliver to the factory/customer warehouse as required.

Contact us to use this services: 
Phone: 0919.102.433

3. Delivery of goods in big cities

- Delivery and receipt of goods for full or mixed cargos in Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang, Hanoi, Can Tho....
- Type of goods to be transported: Food and other goods

Contact us to use this services: 
Phone: 0914.881.533

4. Other services

- The service of transporting goods across borders between Vietnam and Cambodia, including receiving goods in Vietnam to the transport locations, importing and exporting customs procedures, and door-to-door delivery in Cambodia.
- Container shipping services by marine including the journey Ho Chi Minh City - Da Nang - Hai Phong; Ho Chi Minh City – Nghe An – Hai Phong

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Phone: +84 81 219 7711

Konoike Vina utilizes quality control systems to monitor the condition of goods during transportation, guarantee the safe delivery of goods to recipients, and enhance customer satisfaction.
- GPS navigation
- Journey camera
- Online temperature control system, real-time temperature recording and warning
- Evaluate KPI for each trip to evaluate the criteria of delivery time, transportation temperature, driver's service, ... to ensure the best service quality.

transportation service
transportation service
transportation service

Benefits of customers are our top priority

Affordable and competitive fees

The applicable charges are calculated based on different areas, sizes, and weights of the goods.

Check your order conveniently at any location

Vehicles are equipped with GPS navigation, cruise monitoring cameras, self-recording systems, and real-time temperature warnings.

Meet criteria for delivery of special cargo

Vehicles have standard temperature-controlling equipment to preserve special goods such as ice cream, fresh meat, food, etc.

Delivery upon request

Delivering products at the customer's requested time and location is committed.

Transportation service

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