Equipment installation service

Konoike Vina Project Department was established in 2003 and has professional experience through many complex projects.

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Since its founding in 1996, the Konoike Vina Projects Department has existed for more than 26 years. Deserving of pioneer status in the installation of construction machinery and equipment in Vietnam. We offer numerous services, including:

- Relocation, installing, dismantling, and transporting of heavy equipment.
- Moving heavy machinery and equipment by cranes, trucks, trailers, ect.
- Loading and unloading equipment from containers or super-heavy vehicles
- Packing pallets, wooden bales, lashing, etc.
- Carrying out lifting of cranes and moving heavy equipment in a narrow range.
- Installation of machinery and equipment in construction sites, workshops, or clean rooms.
- Positioning, aligning equipment and machinery following the manufacturer's instructions.

Konoike Vina is equipped with modern machinery and equipment to serve all needs, such as forklifts, cranes, trucks of all kinds, hand trucks, hydraulics, hoists, electric turtles, and electronic scales. Therefore, customers are completely assured of safety, maintaining durability, and limiting damage during operation.
Moreover, we also have highly technical human resources and experienced workers. They are supported by experts who often go on business trips abroad to learn and apply the practice. As a result, we always ensure safety and quality according to Japanese standards, with competitive and reasonable prices.

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equipment installation service
equipment installation service
equipment installation service
equipment installation service
equipment installation service

Benefits of customers are our top priority

Dedicated consultation

Konoike Vina is always ready to advise customers on appropriate and effective installation services for the project's needs.

Affordable and competitive fees

The applicable cost is calculated for each area and each project's requirements.

Experienced experts

An expert team with practical experience in the installation of machinery and equipment in many nations

Modern equipment

We have a full range of modern equipment to complete the project quickly and safely.

Equipment installation service

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