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Our worldwide network of branches and agents provides the absolute convenience of product delivery.

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We provide sea/air transportation services for goods imported and exported from countries worldwide to Vietnam and back safely and quickly.
With a global network of branches and agents, we ensure convenience for goods delivered and customer cost savings.
In addition, we also provide the following special cargo transportation services:

  • High value goods.
  • Diplomatic goods.
  • Fresh goods, goods that need special preservation.
  • Dangerous stuff.
  • Oversized goods.

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Phone: +84 81 219 7711


forwarding service
forwarding service
forwarding service

Benefits of customers are our top priority

Affordable and competitive fees

The applicable charges are calculated based on different areas, sizes, and weights of the goods.

Guaranteed shipping quality

Goods are guaranteed 100% intact and quality during storage and transportation.

Shipping a range of cargo

Modern equipment equipped on vehicles meets high criteria in preservation requirements, such as fresh food and special goods.

Experienced experts

An expert team with practical experience in the installation of machinery and equipment in many nations

Forwarding service

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