3PL service (Third-party logistics)

A comprehensive logistics service chain saves time, reduces costs, and limits risks.

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Konoike Vina professionally implements logistics solutions, providing a full-service supply chain including:

  • Warehousing services (dry, cold, cool storage, and bonded warehouse): store and manage goods in detail, pack, stamp, label, provide-share information, and report data, etc.
  • Packing service: pack and rotate goods in the warehouse.
  • Service of providing personnel and equipment for production: sort, rotate, load and unload, pack, and control goods in factories, warehouses, forklifts, etc.
  • Distribution services: allocate stored goods to agents or stores, deliver and receive goods by trucks, motorbikes; collect - pay on behalf of, etc.
  • Forwarding services: multimodal forwarding and forwarding services (domestic and international), connecting customers with partners, especially in the sector of door-to-door, and cross-border to Cambodia by trucks, refrigerated container trucks, etc.
  • Transportation services: manage the transportation process from departure to arrival, providing information, management systems, data, and reports to control other logistics activities.
  • Import and export services: support customs declarations for importing and exporting domestic and international cargo.

Konoike Vina is the most optimal choice for logistics activities, affordable costs, and time-saving due to the project's complexity, with an excellent team that is always enthusiastic and dedicated.
As a result, we give our customers peace of mind to focus on the core business and the ongoing updates to the global supply chain.

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3pl service third party logistics
3pl service third party logistics
3pl service third party logistics
3pl service third party logistics

Benefits of customers are our top priority

Affordable and competitive fees

The applicable charges are calculated based on different areas, sizes, and weights of the goods.

The benefits of customers are our top priority

We provide services including customs declaration, customs clearance of goods, and door-to-door delivery.

Save time, reduce risk

We supply a comprehensive service and take responsibility for handling any arising during the project.

Quality assurance

Konoike Vina manages and strictly monitors all stages of the project.

3PL service (Third-party logistics)

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