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Konoike Vina supply transportation and logistics consulting services to ensure safety and efficiency follow the needs of businesses.

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With 140 years of experience in Japan and over 26 years in Vietnam, Konoike Vina strives to accompany customers throughout the development process. We accompany customers from market research to business establishment; during production and business processes in Vietnam. Konoike Vina team is ready from the board of directors to the business development department with high experience, a dedicated legal team, and the functional departments. Thus, we will always provide you with the most practical advice for customers regarding the following:

  • Market researching.
  • Searching for a location to build a factory.
  • Procedures and processes for importing machinery and means of production from abroad into Vietnam.
  • Procedures and processes for importing raw materials produced from abroad into Vietnam.
  • Procedures and processes for importing commercial goods from abroad into Vietnam.
  • Procedures and processes for exporting goods to foreign countries.
  • Regulations and laws related to Logistics activities in Vietnam.

Logistics solutions for each specific production business model.
The sustainable development of customers is the foundation for Konoike Vina's development. Therefore, it is our sincere honor to join in clients' journey to success as an enthusiastic partner. Konoike Vina believes that when we actively support each other, we can achieve more and go further.

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Phone: +84 81 219 7711

consulting service
consulting service
consulting service

Benefits of customers are our top priority

Affordable and competitive fees

The applicable charges are calculated based on different areas, sizes, and weights of the goods.

Legal law compliance

We are responsible for keeping the legal procedures per the law in every project.

Supporting specialized inspection procedures

Konoike Vina is responsible for specialized inspection procedures for all projects upon customs clearance.

Experienced experts

An expert team with practical experience in the installation of machinery and equipment in many nations

Consulting service

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